Toby Isaacs Fashion 4.6

Islands in the Stream

Toby is definitely giving off vibes of wisdom in this episode. Toby is confident in who he is, yet he knows his place. It’s a stark contrast to starry-eyed Rick who thinks anything is freaking possible for some unknown reason. Toby’s self-awareness is actually probably part of what gets him way more kisses in the kissing contest. Toby dresses comfortably – kind of nerdy but also kind of normal. It’s a very balanced style. Polos, baggy jeans, glasses, etc. But the spiked hair makes him seem just a little less nerdy. As if to suggest “I’m a nerd by choice but I don’t have to be”.

Side note, this little kiss-collecting competition reminds me of one my friend and I had in grade 7. We started taking a poll – I think we either asked everyone “which one of us is prettier” or “which one of us do you like better”. Sadly my friend was widely disliked so I won by a landslide, and she was shocked and surprised by it. I am historically friends with extra annoying or very disliked people. I don’t know what that’s about, but it’s worked out fine.


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