Spinner Mason Fashion 4.6

Islands in the Stream

Ew, it’s Gross Spinner, Worst Version of Spinner Ever Time. Sorry guys, sometimes I get biased even though I try to only report the truth. But seriously, this version of Spinner makes me so angry and disgusted. Fashion-wise, though, he doesn’t really do anything different. He’s got that long unwashed hair, his man necklace, jeans, and baggy tees. However, something different you may notice is that SMUG LOOK on his face, and that leftover sunburn that leaves him looking extra crusty. You know what though? It’s hard to tell what SPINNER really wants in this episode. He’s hard to read. Like, do you love Paige (flowers) or do you hate her (taunting her at work)? Do you want Manny, Paige, both, neither?


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