Ellie Nash Fashion 4.9

Back in Black

Ellie’s reaction to the shooting is soooo weird, it’s like she literally does not care. She seems impatient that her boyfriend isn’t “over it” yet and that everyone is “still talking about it”. Really bizarre. Ya know, I would have thought it might hit her hard, maybe even cause her to relapse with her own dark struggles. Buuuut I guess not? Anyway, her clothes are really cool in this episode. She’s wearing a text-covered tee with a chain necklace, a red plaid skirt, some flare pants underneath, and a rad half-n-half zip up hoodie. Perfect outfit for the beach, lol. But hey, she didn’t know she’d be there. I’m really glad we have this relic frozen in time, the style of the mall goth, memorialized forever on this show.


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