Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.10

Neutron Dance

“HELLOOOOO? It’s watermelon!”

Paige time! Like I’ve been saying, I LOVE this era of Paige’s style. Her hair is bomb, her complexion is glowing, and the colors she picks are GREAT. I am living for this off-shoulder, baby blue ruched top, with jeans, silver jewelry, and that textured hairstyle. In yoga, gah I’m sorry but none of these kids are doing it right. Anyway, in yoga, she wears a cute ponytail, a maroon tank, and yoga pants. We get a brief glimpse of that dehumanizing work uniform before we’re back in yoga, in PINK! And finally, Paige is going to the club looking like a 2000s hottie. She wears this cowl neck pink blouse layered over a white cami, because layers were everything. She also has that poof in her hair, which I still do. She’s all accessorized complete with her tiny purse. And she’s wearing KHAKIS to the club.


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