Manny Santos Fashion 4.13

Bark at the Moon

WOW, tons of Manny today, and she is SO stylish I couldn’t stop screenshotting. We have an awesome color palette form her this episode – it’s a valentine’s day episode so we get red, pink, yellow, and orange.

The first outfit is this kinda athleisure-lululemon-looking zip-up top with a yellow cami underneath. This top matches perfectly to her bright ass pink fedora. It’s so offensive, I love it. She’s wearing a ponytail with what I call “face-framing tendrils” left out. We also see her low-rise jeans and pink plastic watch.

Then, she’s in… this is almost like a track suit, but it’s got a skirt with it. It’s a super weird athletic looking set without actually being athletic-appropriate. It’s a nice creamy orange color and she wears a pink cami under it. Her hair pulled half back this time, but the face-framing tendrils persevere. She is showing Chester around and falls in love pretty instantly.

Next, we see her looking super flirtatious on the TV announcements at school, wearing a short sleeve track jacket in red. Are y’all liking this straight hair? I guess I like Manny’s hair in all its forms tbh.

I for some reason really like this next outfit. Just a blue tee with hoops and a ponytail, but for some reason she really pulls this off and makes it look so cute. It says “Babe” on it, similar to those like, “90% Angel” shirts and whatnot. lol. I love it, where can I get one? Actually, I could never pull off clothing with “pet names” on it. Reminds me of that time I tried to wear a choker that said “Bitch” on it but didn’t even last the day.

Now we have this outfit here in the school assembly that we hardly get to see. It’s like, some kinda halter with grommets and a zigzag lace front. Looks pretty 70s, it’s a shame we can’t see it better.

And finally, at the dance, Manny wears a tight red halter, a matching red newsboy hat, giant heart earrings, a jean skirt, and some wedges. Ah yes and when she goes out into the cold to cry to Spinner, she adds a jean jacket. Hey wait a minute… February in Toronto has GOT to be colder than this! Oh,… maybe it’s just a sweetheart dance and not a Valentine’s dance? Eh, whatever.


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