Ellie Nash Fashion 4.14

Secret, Part 1

Ah yes. Ellie plays a role here in that she comes over to ask Craig to restring her guiTARR, bringing her poser status to 11/10. Haha just kidding, I hate the p-word. Ellie’s hair is down and parted down the middle and just looking really pretty. First she wears a very 2000s looking shirt with some sort of tribal butterfly graphic on the chest. She pairs it with mesh long sleeves and arm warmers and wears lots of chain necklaces. At Craig’s house you can’t really make out the individual garments since Joey can’t afford good lighting I guess. But she has a leather bomber jacket on over a turtleneck which is a cute look. And who knows where she got that guitar. Must he her dad’s because we know it ain’t Caroline’s.


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