Emma Nelson Fashion 4.14

Secret, Part 1

It’s time for our BJ queeeeen, yeeessss! Ya know… Emma was experimenting. That’s normal, that should be fine, right? Idk why they had to portray it as such a morally bad decision here on the show. But, I mean, I guess her decision to experiment wasn’t coming from the right place. She was in a bad spot. But on the other hand, does it need to come from the right place?

Anyway, she sure had mastered looking dead inside these days, huh? Maybe this was just the thing she needed to bring her back to life! lol. Okay okay, let’s get on with the fashion. First she is in “semi-dress” rehearsal wearing some layered tanks. She looks super tall next to Alex and Emma, right? For all I know she’s about 5’7, so it looks like bad girls club is just super shirt. Emma’s bangs look…ok. And her hair is flat. Her clothes are extremely tight; I do remember those days. And of course, her pants are LOW. I guess this is a really good example of where Emma is in life. She’s still wearing those earthy Emma colors, and she’s still carrying the usual bag, so it’s like she’s still herself deep inside, but her style is drained of creativity. Outside she wears a jean jacket to make it a Canadian tuxedo, and sports these little flimsy headphones. Also had to show you that cell phone, wow. The final few shots are really just more boring Emma clothes, then another dress-like rehearsal, and also a little shot of that infamous bracelet. Oh yeah, the final fit with the jean skirt and the Airwalks is super cute.

I wish the bracelet thing had continued, even if in the background. Like maybe showing people wearing them. It would have been awesome to keep the legacy going too, like having Next Class kids doing the bracelet thing. Or at the very least, Esme having some on her wrists or something.


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