Ashley Kerwin Fashion 4.20

West End Girls

I would describe Ashley’s style these days as “intentional but illogical”. I mean, there are textures and layers and thoughts behind what she’s doing but it just doesn’t feel cohesive to me, nor descriptive of who she is. The first outfit is a ringer tee with a grey casual blazer and jeans. She’s still wearing that short, choppy hairstyle slightly flipped out. Next she meets… is this Kevin Smith’s music guy? in some kind of black cardigan. And then she plays at prom in this outfit I could never understand. A polka-dot tea party dress with a blue ribbon low on the waist, fishnets, and a sequined cardigan. Those just don’t look like Ashley’s clothes. Maybe she borrowed them. But Ashley truly is beautiful. I just love her sultry-looking eyes.


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