Caitlin Ryan Fashion 4.22

Goin’ Down the Road Part 2

Ah yes, here’s where Caitlin falls in love with Kevin Smith. Is it that, or does she just fall out of love with Joey? Ugh, so messy. I’m annoyed that Kevin inserted himself into the Degrassi universe and made it messy. Anyway, Caitlin has this short haircut in a vibrant burnt orange, which isn’t my personal favorite. First she’s wearing a black and white floral top talking to Spike like, “I made out with Kevin Smith last night, so then I went home and asked Joey to marry me to cover it up.” Pictured next is her in a labcoat, for a scene for the movie. Then she wears a grey henley, knockin’ on Kevin’s door once again. Omg –knock, knock, knockin’ on Kevin’s doooooor… He’s like, a mentor that will also make out with you. Next, she’s walking around with Joey wearing some sort of sleeveless dark blouse. Then, a faux suede jacket with cutouts and those signature bell sleeves, and finally, a jean jacket as she gazes into Kevin Smith’s eyes some more.


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