Miscellaneous Fashion 4.22

Goin’ Down the Road Part 2

Okay, time for the rando roundup. First are a few shots of this lovely lady who is also acting in Jay & Silent Bob Go Canadian Eh. Oh I think she replaced Caitlin because Caitlin can’t act. Anyway, I know this gal from Clerks 2. She’s hot, right? Well that’s Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Kevin Smith’s wife in real life. Kind of an awkward Degrassi set, right? Like, she’s here with her husband, who’s playing himself, but playing an unmarried version of himself, and kissing the Degrassi character he’s crushing on? Weird. Anyway, she’s got that nice golden blonde hair of the time. Next is a business man getting into his car in the streets of Toronto. These streets look admittedly bleak in this episode. Craig and his new BFF were thinking about robbing the guy. I felt kinda sorry for him, even though he’s rich af. Thankfully he peeps those two ragamuffins from afar and hurries away. Next we see Joey pleading with the cops, and finally we see this guy working the homeless shelter with some dreads.


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