Peter Stone Fashion 5.1

Venus Part 1

INTRODUCING Peter Stone. Wow. Well, here we are folks. Look, not gonna lie, Peter was kinda cute at the beginning. In this like, overprivileged preppy boy way. I think he was well-cast. I don’t know how they let him turn into such a slobby looking guy later. But anyway, I also have huge issues with this character, besides the obvious. First of all, he’s one of the most inconsistent characters ever on this show. But let’s get into this current Peter. Umm, like, can we explore why we never get the REASON for his bizarre actions? Why exactly is he doing this? I do love the whole “creepy-guy-who-likes-to-photograph-beautiful-women-as-if-he’s-collecting-their-souls” thing. I know some of those guys in real life. It’s a thing, and it’s perplexing. They should have played into that more – and I’m glad that he did it again for consistency’s sake. And yeah, Peter being a pervert is totally believable – but even then, they didn’t really depict that as being the reason for his “movie”. And we also aren’t really shown answers. WHY leak the video? What was the thought process behind that? What was he trying to gain? WHY no repercussions? WHYYYYYYY did everyone just brush it off and decide Peter was fine? That’s insane. But yeah, when I watch early Peter, I wonder, “what’s his deal?” and I can’t figure out an answer.

Ugh, I could go on about this forever. But let’s move on. Peter is riding the last wave of spiky hair being acceptable on men (RIP). He dresses in button downs, polos, and casual khakis, just looking like a total prep!


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