Miscellaneous Fashion 5.1

Venus Part 1

Oh, hey! I took about a week off from posting because I ran out of storage space here on my site. I use WordPress, and I had filled up my Personal plan to the limit. I thought I was on Premium already and thought I couldn’t afford the next upgrade. Turns out I only had Personal, so now I’ve upgraded to Premium, and hope to have a few more years of doing this with y’all! I mean, I have like 14 more seasons to cover! Let’s hope Premium gets me through that!

Anyway, I’ve got the rando roundup for you today. First is the Tankini Tramp, who reminds me of Sara Paxton. Then is this group shot of the Grade 8s (I know, they’re older now) which is undeniably awesome. Ya know, I tend not to question these pants. Ever. Because those were the only pants I knew at the time and still feel like “normal” pants to me, even as trends changed. But like… objectively… do they look.. BAD?! Ill-fitting, even? Unflattering? Well, even if they do, skinny jeans are MUCH worse.

I had to include this mannequin shot because you can see the low-riseness of the pants, the tightness of the shirt, and that grommet belt, oof. Also at the mall, Manny is looking at this girl wearing a low-rise mini skirt, and the girl is also wearing the wig that Manny tries on… yeaaaah y’all can’t get anything past me!! I’m onto your secrets! Also at the mall is this gorgeous blonde with fillers and heavy makeup, also a miniskirt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I still love and always have loved that golden Playboy blonde color that’s currently “out”. It’ll be back, just you watch.

Why do all the adults wear 70s-inspired clothes? Huge collars and bell sleeves? Does the wardrobe dept do that on purpose to show they’re from a different generation? Anyway, this rude receptionist for Bernice wears a terribly uncomfortably looking tweed blazer over a collar that reaches the ends of her shoulders. Gross.

Back at school, we see an assortment of cross-body bags and messenger bags. At the hot-girls-only party, Tankini Tramp Sara Paxton is apparently friends with Emma now, and her bra straps are hangin out – a favorite look! And finally.. the vodka guy is kinda gross, isn’t he?


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