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Mr. Del Rossi Fashion 4.3

King of Pain

Marco’s dad! I posted him out of my usual order because I had to go back and recap some corrupted files. First we see him in his work clothes, and it looks like the name of his company is “Print Three”. Next he’s in a checkered shirt like “you’re doing amazing sweetie!” at Marco’s speech. And the last pic is him looking super Italian somehow in a newboy hat and brown jacket.

Mr. Del Rossi Fashion 3.19

It’s Raining Men

Apparently this is the first time Marco’s parents have been featured on broomheadz! Also, Marco’s mom has a first name but his dad does not. Weird. Anyway, he somehow looks super Italian in his layers and newsboy hat. He also sports a nice mustache which will always bring me back to the thought of Wheels’s birth dad. Marco’s dad is very fussy and high energy. But he’s sweet. But homophobic. Degrassi really hits us with the complexities of personalities, right? I mean you want to like him but you also don’t.