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Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.8

Shout, Part 2
Aired: 2002

Yes, one of my favorite incarnations of Ashley. Majestic. Continuing down the path of goth, she wears a pendant, v-neck lacy black top, capri pants, and chunky boots reminiscent of New Rocks. She’s also got strips of blue in her hair. Next up, she’s practicing in the gym wearing another black lacy top, with time with corset-y clasps down the front. And for the PMS show at battle of the bands, She wears a dress with a plunging lacy neckline, and an ornate necklace, looking like a hot 30-year-old or something. Also peep those dark metallic nails. Next school day she’s over here in the same kind of formula, black v-neck top, though I couldn’t get a good capture of it.