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Manny Santos Fashion 1.4

Eye of the Beholder

Manny’s role right now is just 100% Emma supporting. So I am not getting the best shots yet, but just you wait. First she wears this low scrunchied ponytail with a little blue tee, and then a colorblock 3/4-length tee of pinks and purples with jeans. And the scrunchie returns, in pink this time. Also had to get that backpack with the keychain. Remember when it was so much fun to put tons of keychains all over your backpack?

Kathleen Mead Fashion 5.7

DH S2E7: The All-Nighter
Aired: 1990

You gotta admit, it was kind of surprising to find out that Kathleen is experienced in marijuana. But it does make a lot of sense to learn that her ex taught her how. I do love the juxtaposition of her scrunchie-bound bun, tucked in shirt, and pleated khakis with her lawbreaking activity. So yeah, as you know, Melanie spills ALL THE TEA on Kathleen (who acts really weird when high, by the way), and, here are Kathleen’s pajamas, I guess, And the next school day, she’s in all blue. Because Melanie made her feel blue. The end!

Kathleen Mead Fashion 4.8: Kathleen Kicker

DH S1E8: Little White Lies
Aired: 1989

Kathleen is just wearing an oversized button down and some weird pleated khaki pants with a brown belt. She cutes it up a bit with a scrunchie and some hoop earrings.