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Miscellaneous Fashion 3.20

I Want Candy

Time for the rando roundup! First we have a nurse in scrubs. Then we have that waiter Andrew! Unfortunately Paige, Spinner, and Ash totally rip him off. Next are shots of judges, guests, and contestants at the Elvis impersonation contest.

Miscellaneous Fashion 3.19

It’s Raining Men

It’s time for the random person and group shots category! First is this Supafly Fries guy. I was able to find out with my sleuthing skills that his name is Stan. He kinda looks like Marco. Then is some lady at the desk who THANKFULLY is not that mean Ms. Smith. She wears a neck scarf and a scoop neck top. Then I have a hallway shot here, simply showing the wide array of baggy and athletic-inspired clothing. Then, a shot of spirit squad practice. This next shot is great. Dude, these two guys have been very faithful extras on the show. The guy on the left is “you + me = destiny”! Their style is super cool and must have inspired the Lakehurst jerks who come in later on. Vests, camo, spikes, leather, beanies, and the like. Finally, this server from the restaurant. His name is Andrew. The fact that I know his name AND we see him more than once tempts me to give him his own post.