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Dorothy Fashion 5.6

DH S2E6: Crossed Wires
Aired: 1990

Dorothy always rocks the plaid – I love this plaid vest over the lime green. She also wears a pastel purple sweatshirt, with her hair down. And it’s just lovely. I love red hair.

Dorothy Fashion 3.8: Dorothy Daze

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

dorothy 1.png

Dorothy wears some loose fitting clothes today in order to allow her to kick butt at bowling: a long green sweater, and grey sweatpants. Gah she and her friends were annoying in this episode. Screeching their lungs out every time someone pitched the bowling ball. Or whatever you call it.

Dorothy Fashion 3.6

DJH S3E6: He Ain’t Heavy…
Aired: 1988

dorothy-1 dorothy-2

Dorothy is making bets in this golden yellow sweatshirt and turquoise pants.

dorothy-3 dorothy-4

This little getup is actually pretty cute. She has dressed up what looks to be the same turquoise pants with a white blouse and a red plaid tie.

Dorothy Fashion 3.5

DJH S3E5: Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Aired: 1988

dorothy 1dorothy 2

Hahah, this shot of Dorothy creepily eating her carrot is just hilarious. While she unabashedly creeps, she also unabashedly pairs a turquoise skirt with a red plaid shirt.

dorothy 3dorothy 4

Oh god. Dorothy attacks the love of her life wearing a turquoise jumper with a coordinating striped tee.

dorothy 5

And Dorothy is last seen in this episode stalking her prey as usual, in a yellow sweatshirt with a white turtleneck. hawt.

Dorothy Fashion 3.4

DJH S3E4: Season’s Greetings
Aired: 1988

dorothy 1 dorothy 2 dorothy 3 dorothy 4

It’s really going to bother me forever that Dorothy doesn’t have a last name. It could be Kaye, or Kobalewscuy, but it could be something else. Well here she is in a red plaid button down paired with a very dark skirt which could even possibly be a plaid skirt as well.