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Miscellaneous Fashion 4.19

Moonlight Desires

Time for all the miscellaneous grabs from this episode. First is this horrid group at The Dot. Ah, I see from their book that they are a birdwatchers club. They’re dressed awfully rugged to be strolling around a city park gazing at birds. The leader of this group has tiny glasses and skinny eyebrows. We sure liked things small around the eyes back then, didn’t we? Next is this nurse at the blood drive. She’s scary. And she’s wearing scrubs, nothing really to talk about there. Caitlin’s camera dude is wearing a khaki jacket. Blood donors are wearing baggy or flared jeans with white tennies. And here’s Dylan’s new dude – what was his name… Eric or something? I can’t believe I didn’t take note. He’s wearing a black tank and a puka shell necklace. We briefly see a janitor in work clothes – not sure why I included that.