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Shane McKay Fashion 3.1

DJH S3E1: Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 1
Aired: 1988

shane 1  shane 3

Shane must be a cool kid. I don’t really know for sure. But I am digging these rolled-up olive green khakis and black converse with a sweet tie-dyed shirt of purples and blues.

shane 2

And I can’t make out who’s on this graphic tee, someone please let me know if you can!

Shane McKay Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

shane 1.png

Shane doesn’t disappoint with his dance attire. Known for being slighty 80s tacky, I’m glad to see him in this really weird color block / reverse striped green and white sweater.

Shane McKay Fashion 2.6

DJH S2E6: Fight!
Aired: 1988

shane 1

So yeah here’s normal boring plaid Shane, he could just as easily be walking down the street today and I wouldn’t look twice at this outfit because some things never change (well except for those palm trees incorporated into the plaid). So let’s move on because what I have next is much more exciting.

shane 2 shane 3 shane 4

I can’t say enough about this. Shane looks like a clown with these bright shades of red and blue. And dear god, the shorts! The shorts!!! They don’t match the red in his shirt whatsoever! Anyway, I just, love… and hate… this. It sure is festive; it’s what he wears to the fight!

Shane McKay Fashion 2.4

DJH S2E4: Dinner and a Show
Aired: 1988


Shane 1 Shane 2

As reserved and emotionless as Shane seems to be sometimes, I think you can really see the hesitation and unease in his face a lot. I’d like to commend Shane’s actor on that. So, today Shane wears a long-sleeved button down, which might be considered formal, but Shane rebels against that expectation by only buttoning a couple of bottom buttons! Rah!

Shane 3 Shane 4 Shane 5

You guys. Not only are these jorts, they are cuffed jorts. Plus, this plaid button down looks like it might have palm trees on it?! Let’s not leave out the white socks and some type of hiking boot.

Shane 6 Shane 7

“Wouldn’t it be neat to have a baby who loved you?”

Spike: “NO!! SMH.”

Shane is rocking this blue short sleeved button down, those same jorts, white socks, and some brown slip ons.

Shane 8

Shane sure does clean up well, doesn’t he? He looks extra-square in this pastel getup.

shane 9.

The morning after, Shane waits outside for Spike in a red-brown button down. Looks like he finally figured out how to button his shirts.

Shane McKay Fashion 2.1

DJH S2E1: Eggbert
Airdate: 1988

Time for everyone’s favorite babydaddy, Shane.

Shane 1

Here it is again, folks. Track pants with a flannel shirt.

Shane 2 Shane 3

I much prefer the bomber jacket over the track pants. Today he’s mixing things up with this grey textured sweater.

Shane 4

Aaaand he decided to bring Eggbert to the party. He even took the time to put on a nice shirt and not wear track pants! Let’s not forget, Paige Michalchuck once told us “No one should EVER wear track pants!”

Shane McKay Fashion 1.13

DJH S1E13: Revolution
Airdate: 1987

Shane 1

Shane is all red today. Starting from the bottom (heh…) He got them white tennies, though. I am so inspired by this show that I recently bought my own white tennies. I can’t remember what these red pants are made of – they might be more track pants, or some of those swishy-pants. Well, regardless – they’re RED PANTS! I don’t see any guys wearing red pants these days. He completes the look with an orange and red plaid shirt, and his brown bomber jacket that we will see more of later.

Shane McKay Fashion 1.12

DJH S1E12: Parent’s Night
Airdate: 1987

Shane 1

Alright Shane, you have an identifying style. White tee under an unbuttoned flannel shirt.

Shane 2.2 Shane 2

Or sometimes it’s the flannel with a turtleneck and track pants.

Shane 3

See the pants?! Again!