Snake Simpson Fashion 5.12

DH S2E12: Three’s a Crowd
Aired: 1991


Snake time! It seems he’s gotten a little haircut, and kinda pushes his hair back a little bit now. It’s still cool. First he wears this sea-foam green sweater with a little collar popping out, then he wears light wash jeans and some grey and orange button down. Following that is this delightfully 80s short sleeve button down, reminiscent of skating rink carpet. And finally, Spike cancels their dance date while he’s clad in this red patterned shirt. You might recall this is the episode where Spike finally gets the guts to ask Snake to the dance, but then she overhears that Snake really wanted to go with Michelle, so Spike “cancels” on him, so he can go with Michelle, and it’s super sad.

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