Spike Nelson Fashion 5.12

DH S2E12: Three’s a Crowd
Aired: 1991

OH, okay, it appears I took 50 Spike pictures this episode, whoops. I’m sure no one will complain though. Let’s get right into it! The first outfit is this pale blue tee under a vest, and this little baby ponytail. Next is a gigantic sea-foam green tee, under a grey vest, with a big red belt and jorts over bike shorts, which is a really cool look. And I really wish I could have gotten more pictures of her dance dress, a beautiful lacy black princessy thing with long black gloves. But of course Emma had to get in the way. And NEXT, this freaking awesome skull and crossbones tie-front cardi over a baby blue top. She wears it with that skirt that has like, denim at the top, but turns into black lacy ruffles. We get a little moment of her having teenage girl feelings on her bed in a giant tee, and finally, she breaks it off with Snake in this Vio-Lence band tee. My god. I’m listening to it now. It’s thrash. OKAY SPIKE! Didn’t know she was a metalhead on top of everything else. Freaking cool.

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