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Spike Nelson Fashion 1.2

Mother and Child Reunion Part 2

So, I try very hard not to use any screenshots from when the beginning credits are rolling. But, even though this is Spike’s reunion, it was really hard to get come good shots of her outfits. So I had to settle for this one with giant text all over it. Sorry. But she wears this hot, deep red dress and some jewelry. Talking about how she feels like this is the prom she never got to go to. However, I remember her being at prom so I don’t know what she’s talking about. And lastly, we see her in a ringer tee after letting investigators raid her computer.

Spike Nelson Fashion 5.13

DH S2E13: One Last Dance
Aired: 1991

Spike wears her ginormous green tee and a vest at school, and to the dance, she wears that black tulle-y gown and black gloves she had intended to. And here she is dancing with her longtime friend Wheels. I have to wonder how she explained to Snake that she ended up going to the dance after all, even though she said she couldn’t go.

Spike Nelson Fashion 5.12

DH S2E12: Three’s a Crowd
Aired: 1991

OH, okay, it appears I took 50 Spike pictures this episode, whoops. I’m sure no one will complain though. Let’s get right into it! The first outfit is this pale blue tee under a vest, and this little baby ponytail. Next is a gigantic sea-foam green tee, under a grey vest, with a big red belt and jorts over bike shorts, which is a really cool look. And I really wish I could have gotten more pictures of her dance dress, a beautiful lacy black princessy thing with long black gloves. But of course Emma had to get in the way. And NEXT, this freaking awesome skull and crossbones tie-front cardi over a baby blue top. She wears it with that skirt that has like, denim at the top, but turns into black lacy ruffles. We get a little moment of her having teenage girl feelings on her bed in a giant tee, and finally, she breaks it off with Snake in this Vio-Lence band tee. My god. I’m listening to it now. It’s thrash. OKAY SPIKE! Didn’t know she was a metalhead on top of everything else. Freaking cool.

Spike Nelson Fashion 5.10-11

DH S2E10-11: Showtime
Aired: 1991


First Spike is wearing a bulky jean jacket, and next she wears this olive green top with some amazing jeans. I’m so mad that some of the best outfits aren’t really showcased, but I tried to get as much footage of the jeans as I could. They are super-destroyed mom jeans that are practically hanging open, and definitely something you would see someone wearing right now, today.

Spike Nelson Fashion 4.14: Spike Slay

DH S1E14: It Creeps!
Aired: 1990

Spike first spots Shane while wearing her Pogues tee and a cute snuggly looking oatmeal colored button down cardi. She wears the same sweater again with a greenish shirt and striped skirt.  And lastly, get a load of all these textures. First we have this thermal sweater, under a vest, with that skirt which starts out as jeans but becomes lacy ruffles. I also really like Spike’s skinny eyebrows. I know they’re not in right now, per se, but they’ll be back again….

Spike Nelson Fashion 1.2.1

DJHS1E2 Spike


DJH S1E2: The Big Dance

At this point we are only catching glimpses of Spike in the background.

You can see her here sporting a Smiths shirt with her awesome signature hair.

Band shirts are never out of style. Gotta represent!

Would I wear it? – A band shirt, yes – but the Smiths? Not my scene.

UPDATE: Okay, I finally listened to The Smiths and I’m in love. YES I would wear that shirt. I thought it was going to be some obnoxious punk band but I was really surprised! Spike has great taste 🙂