Joey Jeremiah Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

We’ve got a doozy here – assessing Joey in School’s Out. Fortunately for him we are just going to stick to the fashion. First we see him ring shopping for Caitlin in this pale green shirt and patterned vest. For the grad party he wears this billowy long sleeve button down, which I seem to remember is silky, and a tie. Everyone is just so cute in the summer in Canada. Down here where I live we are sweaty, itchy, and frizzy if we go outside. Moving on, here he is in his little work vest at the pharmacy. Next, he’s checking out Wheels’s hunkajunk in an open button down, shorts, and white tennies. Next is a little glimpse of some crazy shirt, then a peachy shirt + vest + fedora combo, oof and a very smug face. Next is another silky-looking billowy boyfriend shirt. Okay I’m starting to feel like every sentence is the same. Do I really need to go on? Oh, I do want to mention that horrible “naughty and nice” shirt Tessa gave Joey. What the heck is that? Of course he’s only going to wear that as pajamas. Alright well, just enjoy the rest of the spread which I’m not going to spend time describing more versions of the same outfits basically. Oh yeah and I gave you a shot of him in his panties. Which look awfully scratchy by the way.

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