JT Yorke Fashion 2.1

When Doves Cry

So JT’s got the B plot in this 2-parter. He wants to ask Paige Michalchuk on a date. I’m sorry, but hetero guys so often have absolutely no perception of when a lady is out of their league. It’s very frustrating sometimes. No offense to JT but he’s a boy. Paige is a woman. Gotta love his style though. First is a Hawaiian shirt open over a tee with a horizontal chest stripe. Backwards hat, baggy pants, tiny cool-guy sunglasses. That picture of him doing a creepy grin in the sunglasses is when he’s saying “Come to papa” about Paige. Gross. Then, he wears a green tee with a skateboard on it, with a necklace and another backwards cap.

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