Snake Simpson Fashion 2.19

Fight for your Right
Aired: 2003

God Snake’s color palette is sickening. First he’s in this like, I don’t know, baby-food colored long sleeve tee, and he’s got cartoon glasses on pretending to be Raditch, which is pretty funny. Then he’s in this yellowish beige sweater, ew. And finally, he watches Emma dig her own grave in a blue long sleeve polo. The other day someone mentioned that what I say about Snake’s wardrobe is “harsh”. I want to be clear that I mean to throw no shade at Stefan OR Snake for that matter – in fact, I love them both, actor and character. His clothes are not a reflection of who he truly is in this case. Plus, I’m constantly comparing his adult style to his much-more-frequently-interesting teenage style. Can you blame me for mourning the fun ‘fits he used to wear? Especially when replaced with… THIS?!

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