Paige Michalchuk Fashion 2.20

How Soon is Now
Aired: 2003

Paige is the star of the show today! First he’s got boho vibes in Sauve’s office, wearing tiny braids in her hair and a mauve laced-up top, which is lined with lace, is slightly cropped, and has bell sleeves. She wears low-rise jeans and black platforms. Next she’s in her spirit squad uniform. I also got a closeup of her face just to show the makeup of the time. And on doomsday, she has the SAME hair, and wears a brown top with some kinda design on it. Outside we see her brown pants, platforms, and blue puffer vest. It must be super cold outside because here on the steps it looks like over her spirit squad uniform she had to wear a sweatshirt, a vest, and pants. I also got a shot of her Sketchers (or something similar). From my perspective, Sketchers were the shoes that always really wanted to be cool but never quite were. And now we’re back in Sauve’s, and Paige wears a brown, yellow, and orange floral top that seems super 70s. It has bell sleeves as well, and like normal she keeps her super cool shades tucked into the front.


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