Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.20

How Soon is Now
Aired: 2003

Oh Marco, he’s really pretending everything is fine and chill and Ellie is gonna call him out on it. First we see him in a red puffer vest. Then a ribbed sweater with a horizontal chest stripe (at this point I might as well call them HCS’s because we see it so often). Next, we see him in this like, circus commercial he and Ellie are making. Idk, he wears a bunch of costume pieces in garish colors. Next, he’s in a tan and beige tee with HAS, horizontal arm stripes, lol. And then, the NEW commercial is a Matrix-looking theme where Marco wears sleek shades and a black turtleneck. And finally, he’s in a navy long sleeve tee and tells Ellie, “Bruh, I’m gay.”



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