Ellie Nash Fashion 3.4

Aired: 2003

When I think of Ellie, my first thought is usually referencing her in this episode. For two reasons: 1, her style is iconic here on this day. And 2, I completely relate to the way she feels here in this episode. It’s almost, potentially, social anxiety. I mean, I know the script probably intends for us to think she’s just all bent out of shape over Marco. But I see more than just that. I see a girl who blatantly doesn’t fit in. A girl who questions her outfit as soon as she steps outside and sees the people she’s with. A girl who wants to have fun but doesn’t know how, like she can’t find that lightswitch inside of her to switch “fun” to “on”. A girl who’s there, physically, but not contributing to the socialization, and not necessarily wanted. I relate to that feeling all too well, of wanting to have fun, to be fun, but not knowing how. What can she possibly say to this group of friends chatting? Nothing. You know?

I wish it was social anxiety in the script. Instead it’s just “I’m mad at Marco so this isn’t fun”. lol. Whatever. Anyway, so let’s talk about the clothes. First of all who tf goes to the beach in this? I gotta admire her commitment to the aesthetic though. El wears pigtail braids, a sleeveless collared shirt with crisscross tie down the front, mesh sleeves and arm warmers, a choker, a plaid skirt, leggings or pants underneath, and black wedge boots. And a big FROWN y’all! “I couldn’t let my HONEY come here by himself.” Girl, yes you could omg.


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