Ellie Nash Fashion 3.8

 Whisper to a Scream
Aired: 2003

Wow, this may be the most images I’ve ever included in one post. But, this is an Ellie episode, and I’m a sucker for Ellie fashion, so we’re doing this! This episode is really heavy material but we are just going to “skirt” around that and talk about fashion only, okay?

Ellie is known for combining various elements together and putting an edgy twist on them. So first we have a lace shirt under a leather vest, paired with arm warmers and a choker that feature pink detailing. And her braids will be an Ellie staple for a while. Honestly this ‘fit is a little clumsy to me and doesn’t quite work.

Next up, is an Ellie ‘fit for the ages. The white 3/4 sleeve tee with splits and buckle detailing. This is 100% something I would have worn, not that anyone’s asking. She accessorizes with spiky, chainy, chokery necklaces. She wears a red plaid pleated skirt that has some kind of suspender or strap hanging off. We also have fishnets and these amazing chunky wedge boots. It’s an amazing look and a real shame that Paige spilt something on it. She dons a big yellow raincoat for her interview with Caitlin.

Next, a brief glimpse of casual Ellie in a PJ shirt. And at school, another ensemble I love to worship. More chunky boots. Black leggings. Mesh. And a piece that I’m like 90% sure is by Tripp NYC.

Next, that white and bloody shirt over a black long sleeve with exposed seams of green. And then… AAAAH the red and black stripes, just soooo 2000s mall goth and I am living. We see a couple more outfits very briefly just to show that time is passing. So let’s skip ahead to…

The camo outfit. Cargo skirt. Grommet belt. Camo vest. Black long sleeve and arm warmers. Again, quite strange, but somehow, I’d like to say that this one works. Also featuring Ellie’s backpack which is not alt-looking at all.


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