Craig Manning Fashion 3.11

 Holiday Part 1
Aired: 2003

Lord, we have a buttload of Craig to go through today. Because his cheating ass is the star of the show. First we see him unloading the Christmas tree. He wears jeans, a leather jacket, and one of the worst fashion items to appear on broomheadz – a backwards newsboy hat. This is atrocious. And unfortunately there’s more. But next we see him taking phonecalls from his mistress, with his usual floofy hair, and a red tee under a denim overshirt. His next appearance is in a raglan tee – try not to get distracted by Joey’s awful turtleneck, we will get to that in another post. Next, oh no – that awful hat is back. He’s even tucked his bangs into it. Who let this happen? He continues to wear this awful thing throughout the rest of these shots. It’s kinda hard to pay attention to his boring shirts, pants, and shoes that I’d otherwise go over with you.


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