Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.6

Islands in the Stream

Ah, the star of the episode. So Paige is realizing that Spinner totally sucks. She is also still trying to pay him back for wrecking his car. So the first outfit we see is her uniform when she was working briefly at The Dot. Then she’s in the caf wearing thie bizarre lilac tie-front top, with the tie hanging all the way down to her knees. Her hair is also super cutely styled, which I feel is treading outside the perimeters of realistic high school. But it IS pretty. The next top is this super cute off-the-shoulder watermelony tie-dyed top, short enough to reveal the matching pink belt on her jeans. She’s also got some subtle pink eyeshadow, and her jeans are cuffed since she’s short, and she has pink pumps on as well. Then, she’s in her little chihuahua tee again, gazing at her asshole boyfriend. She wears this with a jean miniskirt and flip flops (which were not allowed at my school). Gosh, we’re still going? This is a lot of Paige outfits. We see a Spirit Squad ‘fit (peep that flip phone), and also her work uniform after she lands the job at the theatre. Can we take a moment of silence for the saggy crotch on those work khakis? Gah, I remember that feeling all too well. And finally, the last outfit is that darling orange and pink top with the O-ring detail. Looking like a 70s flashback.


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