Miscellaneous Fashion 4.6

Islands in the Stream

Time for the rando roundup for Islands in the Stream! First is this couple Paige is waiting on at The Dot. The guy has long curly hair, tats, and a tee, and the girl has a 2000s side part with layers and a red tank. Then, there’s the mean manager in his Dot shirt. Next is a couple of guys behind Toby wearing headwear and baggy pants, making Toby look much less cool. Then there’s a dude dribbling in the hallway wearing baggy layers. Next, a little Spirit Squad group shot. Then, haha check this girl out. It’s funny that she’s wearing this shirt while Rick is out collecting kisses. But seriously though, these shirts with statements on them were all the rage. This is hilarious. With that white grommet belt and those low-rise jeans? I think she even has a little hip tattoo to bring it all together. This is fantastic. Rick, just walk away bruh. Then there are a couple of dudes at the movie theatre who are dressed so plainly there’s not even much I can say. And FINALLY, I had to throw in this mohawk guy!


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