Sydney Fashion 4.7

Time Stands Still, Part 1

My baby girl Sydney is back! What a queen, not only does she come back to help her failure of an ex, she does it humbly and with dignity! She’s just perfect. Imagine how weird it must be for her to walk around in that house. She is so mature though. Her hair is smooth, her side part is fresh, and her layers are poppin’. She wears a khaki jacket over a horizontal-stripe blouse. Then she’s seen in a blue chevron-type top.

Oh yeah side note, it was kinda weird for Craig to summon Sydney, especially since she’s not a residential real estate agent. But hey, I appreciate any reason to see her.


1 thought on “Sydney Fashion 4.7

  1. Andrew Colin Wilson

    I guess things were frosty between Caitlin and Sydney from the Holiday episode to the Time Stands Still episode. Caitlin could have been meaning to talk to Sydney and could have been able to reach out to her but I guess it would have been awkward for Sydney since Caitlin came between her and Joey and all and it was like Sydney wanted nothing to do with Caitlin because of it and the Time Stands Still episode was the first and only time in almost a year Sydney has ever stopped by since the Holiday episode which could have meant that she was almost ready to talk about it and Caitlin could have been writing Sydney a bunch of emails of apology but hasn’t had the courage to hit send but one thing I’m sure is that Caitlin wanted Sydney to know that she’s sorry that she hurt her.



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