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Sydney Fashion 4.7

Time Stands Still, Part 1

My baby girl Sydney is back! What a queen, not only does she come back to help her failure of an ex, she does it humbly and with dignity! She’s just perfect. Imagine how weird it must be for her to walk around in that house. She is so mature though. Her hair is smooth, her side part is fresh, and her layers are poppin’. She wears a khaki jacket over a horizontal-stripe blouse. Then she’s seen in a blue chevron-type top.

Oh yeah side note, it was kinda weird for Craig to summon Sydney, especially since she’s not a residential real estate agent. But hey, I appreciate any reason to see her.

Sydney Fashion 3.12

Holiday Part 2

This is the last time we will see our lovely Syd for a while. Sydney – organized, structured, determined, commanding, nurturing, hardworking. Farewell, I know you’ll make some other family a much better place. Anyway, on to the clothes – first she wears a grey zipup hoodie under a fur-lined jacket. Then she gets brutally dumped while wearing a periwinkle sweater. Actually, he doesn’t even dump her. She, as Ashley would say, literally “had to drag it out of him”. Ugh. Just move to Calgary already, Joey, no one wants you.

Sydney Fashion 3.11

 Holiday Part 1
Aired: 2003

Sydney! My queen! She’s first running this tree-trimming party and wearing a horizontally-striped sweater. Then she heads to a work party in this gorgeous red one-shoulder dress, topped with a fur-lined coat. Then she comes to Caitlin’s office in a minty vest. And finally she’s seen in a black holiday dress and sparkly jewelry. It’s kind of sad to see the concern on her face throughout all these shots. She knows.

Sydney Fashion 3.5

 Pride, Part 2
Aired: 2003

Syd wears a red blouse, black blazer, and sports a shaggy cut. Love the bangs! We don’t see much of her because she and Joey are just dropping off dinner for Snake. I’m sure it was Sydney’s idea.

Sidney Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

Sydney is back! She wears a red tank and black pants, trying to have a little stay-at-home date.. a stay date? with Joey. Of course it gets interrupted by his embarrassing impulses. He hears Craig’s band practices and leaps over to the garage.

Sydney Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Welcome, Sydney! I love her so much. But this interaction is SO painful, I can’t stand it. Caitlin is talking about “oh yeah me and Joey always get back together” only to find out she’s saying that to Joey’s current girlfriend. OOF. Syd is just wearing some kind of like, khaki jacket over a cream top. And a lot of awkward smiles.