Miscellaneous Fashion 4.9

Back in Black

Rando time! First we have these girls who are doing a great job of pointing and staring at Sean. They must be theatre majors! Some noteable fashion moments here include that hair clip that stowawayed over from the 90s, as well as that nice cross-body bag with the cell phone pocket. Next is this weird shadowy group therapy session shot which doesn’t actually feature much fashion detail. But then we land in Wasaga Beach!! Check out this cool dude in Hawaiian swim trunks with spiked and frosted tips! The only thing we are missing is a barbed wire or belly button sun tattoo! I’ve also spotted Snooki here at Wasaga, looking like the ultimate 2000s hottie while shopping for beach towels. And finally I have a couple more shots from school again. We got a dude with super baggy pants, and a journalist in a brown suit. Aaand, two other girls probably talking about Sean. Check those highlights!


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