Manny Santos Fashion 4.10

Neutron Dance

Manny is hilarious in this episode. She kind of “joins the band” per Spinner’s request. I don’t really know why she goes along with it all so smugly, I mean it’s kind of out of character for her. Buuuut maybe she just wants to be petty and annoy Craig and Ashley. Or maybe Spinner’s piss poor attitude rubbed off on her. Anyway, her style is POPPIN’ today. First is this cropped halter shirt with a pink and blue floral print on it, paired with suuuuuper low rise jeans. I’m really starting to look back at the 2000s with disgust. Not because I hate the style, but because of these unrealistic body expectations. The NEXT outfit is one of my favorites!! An orange cowboy hat with a diagonally-striped orange tube top and jean skirt. Are we SERIOUS!? I mean, Manny’s style was really out there. Realistically, no one would be wearing this to school. It’s a fantasy but I love it. Manny’s style at this point is like, things you’d see in a music video. Not the halls of school. And the final fit is more PINK – this big pink newsboy hat and a pink tracksuit. LOVE.


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