Joey Jeremiah Fashion 5.5

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Joey time! He’s getting a little sunshine in his life, meeting Diane. First he’s in this very grandpa-looking suit. But when he’s not dressed like a grandpa, he wears a series of t-shirts. Craig forces Joey to wear a blazer for Diane, which was hilarious. Oh yeah, and karma finally got him when he got busted buying condoms. Ew. And then he dresses up again for the wedding. I know I say men’s fashion doesn’t really change, but I definitely see a shift in the silhouettes of men’s suits. They just looked so baggy and untailored back then, and I think that kind of goes along with the fact that we generally were wearing oversized everything. Having a smaller husband, I know. And fortunately slim-fit options are really helpful for dudes who lived in this time when a men’s “small” was still too big.


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