Manny Santos Fashion 5.5

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Manny time!! She still has this really cool shag haircut, the bangs of which can also be swept to the side. First she wears this long sleeve front-tie shirt over a matching cami. But some on, who cares about that, when we have this next outfit to analyze?! This is what Manny wears to the wedding: a silky, green, lingerie-inspired top, a sequined skirt, huge chandelier earrings, and strappy heels. Honestly, did high school students ever really dress this hot? I don’t know man, it seems kind of unrealistic. But, she looks lovely, and we can consider THIS *the* official outfit that wins Craig back. Manny’s green and sequins beats Ellie’s black lace. And our last outfit here is, Manny’s green pajamas and houseshoes.


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