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Spike Nelson Fashion 4.5: Spike Slay

DH S1E5: Everybody Wants Something
Aired: 1989

First Spike is wearing this cool shimmery pink vest over a t-shirt. Then I only get a little peek of her in a grey vest and black shorts, ushering Liz away after getting beat up by Erica. I sincerely hope she is asking Liz “wtf is wrong with you?”

Spike Nelson Fashion 4.2: Spike Slay

DH S1E2: A New Start Part 2
Aired: 1989

Yes, so much Spike for us today! Even though her life is really not that exciting.. like… EVER – except for when she finds out she’s preggo – her outfits are almost always exciting.

First she wears a cropped grey long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt. I can’t make out what’s on the shirt but I do see the words “support”, “animal”, and a picture of a dog I think. She also wears a colorful skirt of many tiny vertical stripes, and some leggings that end under the knee.

The next outfit is her “The Mission” shirt under a vest. I think what’s happening underneath is a grey skirt and then some spandex shorts, some cool layers there. And then some chunky boots to finish it off. I remember the first time I heard this conversation between her and Heather, it really spoke to me. Spike’s a smart lady. IDK why she didn’t say that during the class debate last episode, though. Instead she was just like, “yeah, Liz, you’re right! go Liz!”



Spike Nelson Fashion 3.1

DJH S3E1: Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 1
Aired: 1988

spike 1 spike 3

Spike looks super cute in this cropped turtleneck sweater in the color I like to call “exorcist green”. She pairs it nicely with a plaid skirt, glittery belt, and of course her silver jewelry.

spike 2

Total babe today wearing a beige cropped sweater, belt, and black pants.

Spike Nelson Fashion 1.2.1

DJHS1E2 Spike


DJH S1E2: The Big Dance

At this point we are only catching glimpses of Spike in the background.

You can see her here sporting a Smiths shirt with her awesome signature hair.

Band shirts are never out of style. Gotta represent!

Would I wear it? – A band shirt, yes – but the Smiths? Not my scene.

UPDATE: Okay, I finally listened to The Smiths and I’m in love. YES I would wear that shirt. I thought it was going to be some obnoxious punk band but I was really surprised! Spike has great taste 🙂