Ashley Kerwin Fashion 4.10

Neutron Dance

Tons of Ashley for ya today. And this is really embarrassing Ashley time. She’s just like, part of this band, hanging with the guys, thinking she’s welcome, but actually everyone hates her. That is so sad to me. Maybe because I used to hang out with a high school boyfriend and all his friends, thinkin I was so cool and totally one of the guys, but I was secretly afraid they were like “get her outta here!” She’s just in there with her keyboard, having opinions and stuff, and all the guys are resenting her. Cringe! Ashley never really fully belonged, did she? Even when she was with like Paige and Terri around this time, there was this weird friction. Even her Ellie friendship became tangential and not really cohesive with either of their lives. In actuality, Ashley is kind of a loner, isn’t she? Maybe we’ll just call her independent. Let’s get into the clothes now. Ah, the layers. First is a pink shirt layered under a grey shirt with some light wash jeans. Then is a t-ball tee – this kind of thing was super popular – wearing a shirt that had nothing to do with anything about you. Next is a fushia tee under a grey khaki lokin blazer thing, with a jean skirt and leggings. And finally, she gets kicked out of the recording session by the cowards of Downtown Sasquatch, and wears a jean jacket with casual olive khakis. She took it like a champ though, for real.


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