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Ellie Nash Fashion 4.22

Goin’ Down the Road Part 2

Oh yay, we get to see Ellie as a REAL GOTH once more time! I love the dark wig with bangs, the heavier makeup, and the all black outfit. It’s a shame that after Ashley went normal, we didn’t have a pure goth around. It adds nice contrast to have one on the show, imo. lol.

Ellie Nash Fashion 4.21

Goin’ Down the Road Part 1

I love this little moment! Ellie is here in Kevin Smith’s movie dressed as a REAL goth girl (which she repeated saltily). She wears a black wig with blunt bangs and an outfit that is nice and elegant – a high neck, long sleeves, and a long skirt. Heavier makeup too. Honestly I think Degrassi was starved of real goths! At least none that were committed.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.15

Hot for Teacher
Aired: 2003

Hm, what’s a word I haven’t used recently to describe Ashley? Goddess? Queen? Majestic? Angel? Anyway, you know how I feel about goth Ashley by this point. Pure beauty and grace. We finally get a good look at her fishnet top which is kind of a mosiac pattern. She wears it under a laceup tank, with purple eyeshadow. Next she’s seen dressed down a little bit, in a black tee and some sort of jacket or cardigan.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I like to look at this moment and think that this is the moment where Ashley went goth. She’s dressed up for the 80s dance in all black and dark makeup and I think she realized she likes it. (I will take this moment to state that I do realize, believe, and acknowledge that the goth subculture is a music-based subculture; nonetheless I do know that some people fall in love with the look first. I can only speculate which path Ashley took to goth.) Anyway, I’m not sure who she’s dressed AS, exactly, (f anyone,) but she’s wearing a short sleeve leather jacket, a ponytail, lace gloves, and lots of dark makeup. I feel really bad for her. Look how happy and optimistic she is in the first shot.

Faith Fashion 3.8: Faith Frocks

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

I adore this girl. Faith is my total inspo. There is a severe underrepresentation of goths in DJH but I love this little moment where we get to see Faith. Where to start. Faith is sporting what seems to be a hand-decorated black tee covered in occult-y symbols and designs. She wears cutoff khaki or cargo pants, giving a punkier vibe, but then brings us back to goth-land with some winklepickers. She has a black mohawk, giant earrings, and a cute little star drawn on her face. As DIY as some alternative teens may be, I still really respect and admire them for going out there and trying new things and dressing how they want.